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Programming for Everyone
Programming for Everyone is designed to give the reader an overall introduction to computer programming. The book is written for a very general audience and focuses on providing you with a detailed understanding of the basic concepts. It's also great for programmers who want to learn about other programming areas (e.g. logic programming, computer graphics, games, etc.) they may not have experience in. In this book you'll learn the basics of things like:
  • Computer programming concepts.
  • Object-oriented programming fundamentals.
  • Developing "apps" for devices like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Creating web pages.
  • Developing computer graphics and animation.
  • Game programming.
  • Application development for social network sites like Facebook.
The book includes numerous code samples to help you learn, including web pages, computer graphics and animations, and a complete video game that you can download and play on an iOS device! Whatever your age or background, Programming for Everyone will help you to understand computer programming.

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